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Link To My YouTube Channel:

Hey, Omauri here, but more commonly known as "The Legendary Omauri" on YouTube. Thanks for checking out my wiki website! This wiki is about my 'My Way' series of my favorite animated TV show, "Total Drama" in which I make on YouTube. I create episodes of how I would have wanted each episode of each season to go (including challenges, interactions, eliminations, performances, friendships, relationships, enemies, etc.). It's my hobby and I enjoy entertaining my fans.

This wiki website is mainly for people who enjoy my videos and want to see more. You can learn all about my seasons, to keep track or recap anything in my series. It even contains my own custom characters from my brand new season called, "Camp Superior"! (Check it out when you get the chance!) It also contains the contestants's interactions, personalities, relationships, bios, enemies, rankings, episode counts, etc. If you have any questions go ahead and ask away! This also includes poses for characters, videos from my channel, discussion channels and team or season logos.

My YouTube link is the first thing listed so you can check out my channel! If you have any questions, comments and/or concerns feel free to ask/tell me! Well, that's all folks! See ya!

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